NOLIT’S STUDIO has provided a comfortable and quality recording environment at an affordable price for more than twenty years.

We record on quality digital format driven from analog and digital equiptment.

We are located in the heart of Manila @ 2108 Santisima Trinidad st., Balic Balic, Sampaloc, Manila

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Recording Console:
Protools System: AMD Llano A8 Quadcore Computer systems,
Licensed Protools 10 Complete, Pair of MOTU 2408, Mackie Control HUI
Sonar System: AMD Trinity A4 Dualcore Computer system,
EMU 1820m with Dock, Digidesign MBox1, Licensed Sonar 8.5

Presonus Digimax, Maudio Octane, Behringer ADA8000, Focusrite Trackmaster Pro, Sansamp RBI, BBE 381, Digidesign Eleven Rack,
DBX Mini-Pre, ART Tube MP Studio, ALTO Alpha MicTube, Yamaha AW16G, Fostex VF08, Carvin Studiomate SM162, Kawai, DOD,
Roland, Dolby System A-361, ECHO Layla, Presonus Bluetube

Mics (Large Diaphragm Condenser, Small Diaphragm stereo pair, Ribbon, Dynamic):
AKG, MXL, Samson, GTX, Shure, Electro Voice, Nady,

Fender Twin Reverb silverface, Peavey KB60, Behringer BXR300, Roland Spirit 60, Yamaha, Guyatone

Tama Superstar, Pearl Export, Simmons Hexagon, Ibanez Guitars, D&D Guitars, Yamaha Guitars,
Fender Guitars, Jackson Guitars, Roland DDR30, Roland RS70, Behringer Keyboards/Controller

Alesis M1 Active, Behringer MS20, Xenon 5.1 Speaker System,